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Karate and Traditional Okinawan weapons Training
Improve your fitness, Self-confidence, Mental discipline, Respect for others.
Fully insured,
CRB checked,
First Aid Certificated
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In the Dojo you will:
Learn the techniques and set form required for your grading.
Learn traditional karate moves like punching, blocks and kicks.
Improve you fitness.
Your own body awareness.
Within the NANA system you can train from a beginner to Dan Grade in Nunchaku.
Your training will take you through a range of skills from traditional to free-style weapon practice. This starts with one nunchaku and as you progress you then move on to using two, one pair in each hand.
In the dojo you can take part in sparring with the weapon in a controlled environment and takes place with body protection.
To start with you will train with a foam padded weapon and work up to more solid one's made out of wood.
Our wooden nunchaku are specially made in America,
12" in length and 22 mm hexagonal design.
Basic double nunchaku
Sanbon Nunchaku / San Setzu Kan
Other weapons we use are the three section nunchaku single or double katas.